Business Week (25/11/02)

Telecom shot down. Vodafone versus Orange; Boeing: the battle over a radical new plane; Sun Microsystems CEO Scott McNealy is confident that the company can regain its supremacy; The fate of Italian cinema may rest on a puppet.The Economist (16/11/02)Germanys troubled insurers; Chinas economic challenge; A survey of France;Economics focus: Europes work in progress; Special report: Investment banks.Forbes (25/11/02)Worlds largest private companies; The king of pasta. How Guido Barilla exports Italian passion to the US; Foreign lenders threaten Takefuji.LSA (20/11/02)Centres commerciaux: Les 30 stars européennes de demain; Dossier emballage: Lécologie simpose dans toute la chaîne.Distributie Vandaag (oktober)Internationale Kamer van Koophandel tegen fraude en corruptie; Champagne: kwaliteit en klasse; Dossier olijfolie; Dossier wasmiddelen.