Fiscoloog (20/8/2003)

Fiscoloog (20/8/2003) Pensioenhervorming: nieuwe voorwaarden 16,5 % en 10%-tarief; Nieuwe BTW-regeling e-commerce: praktische uitwerking. Billboard (16/8/2003) Discounters press labels on pricing; DVD boom continues. Euromoney (augustus) Russia's president squares up to the free market; The limits of Bush's foreign policy; Banks seek ways to profit from the equities markets. Le Nouvel Observateur (21/08/2003) La nouvelle medecine: corps et ame (dossier); Hongrie: porno krach a Budapest; A quoi sert la rentree litteraire? Flight International (19/08/2003) Assault on Iraq. how UK's helicopters stormed al Faw; Italian industry special; Bombardier offloads assets to GE.