Humo (17/09/2002)

Interview Eddy van Vliet; Gesprek met sp.a-voorzitter Patrick Janssens; De meesterbreinen van Al-Qaeda praten voor het eerst over de aanslagen.Flight International (17/09/2002)Built for speed: Cessna adds zest to the X; NBAA: who launched, who bought; Connected: IFE advances; Germanys low-fare sector grows; Eurocontrol targets runway safety.Time (23/09/2002)Special report: confessions of an Al-Qaeda terrorist; German elections: a surprisingly tough race.Far Eastern Economic Review (19/09/2002)Where should you invest to survive the next round?; How Arroyo will save the Philippines; Japan seeks its place in the world; China: building a software giant.Billboard (7/09/2002)Peter Jamiesons appointment as executive chairman of the British Phonographic Industry may change how the organisation does business; Government support for a proposed radio quota in Germany sparks debate; Bertelsmann looks set to acquire Napster.Artsenkrant (17/09/2002)De slechte situatie van de huisartsen blijft de agenda beheersen.