The Banker (augustus)

The Banker (augustus) Hitting the FIG jackpot; Basel II: fear and confusion; Agenda: BNP Paribas' Philippe Blavier. Railway Gazette (augustus) Getting the best from advanced train control; Da Vinci will manage Spain's first 350 km/h line; Managing maintenance on the Tokaido Shinkansen. Far Eastern Economic Review (7/08/2003) Media barons: the global battle for the Chinese market; Noodles: a special look at a special food; US policy: rescuing Afghanistan. Time (11/08/2003) Women and heart disease; Fresh clues in the hunt for Saddam; Who set the fires that ravaged the Riviera? Newsweek (11/08/2003) Fat world; My Qaeda classmate; Germany's class problem; The Aussie posse. Humo (5/082003) Humo sprak met Delphine Boel; Moeders des vaderlands: hoe vrouwelijke ministers overeind blijven aan de top; Fiscale amnestie nu? Verhofstadt II wil zwarte fortuinen witwassen.