'I gained new insights'


The last two years, Take the Lead prepared a lot of participants to take further steps in the digitization of their company. Robin Muliawan tells us how he turned theory into practice after Take the Lead's first edition.

When Robin Muliawan started Take the Lead, he had been brooding for some time on an app that would bundle all the personal medical information that today's smartphones almost permanently screen and store. Thanks to that app, carers and doctors would be able to share medical data.

At the same time, the app would connect to smart devices in the hospital. Through the internet of things a doctor could then remotely monitor the machines standing next to the patient's bed. Via Take the Lead, Robin Muliawan came into contact with Michael Beal, General Manager Microsoft Belgium.

‘He referred me to the Microsoft Innovation Centre, which could help me develop the app and my business plan. At Take the Lead, I also learned how to turn digital transformations into practice and convert them into a workable business model. Thanks to the academic programme, I have now abandoned my plan.

In Belgium there is certainly a market for it, but on a global scale, I might be a little too late with this app. Unfortunately? Maybe, but I have learned to look at an idea from different angles and perspectives. And every day, that insight comes in handy at PearlChain, the software company where I work.’