'In the end, the conviction grew that I wanted to address things differently and faster'

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The last two years, Take the Lead prepared a lot of participants to take further steps in the digitization of their company. Jelle Meersmans tells us how he turned theory into practice after Take the Lead's first edition.

When Jelle Meersmans followed Take the Lead, he was still working at Lampiris. After the green power producer was taken over by energy giant Total, it all went a bit too slow for Meersmans.

'Disruption is often difficult in a very large company, because there is always a bit of the arrogance of power. If you want to have an impact in a sector that has suffered the biggest disruption since the industrial revolution, you have to plan your own way. That awareness has grown more and more over the past few months, and that is why I switched to Enervalis in September. This scale-up develops smart software to manage the use of energy in buildings or electric cars as efficiently and green as possible, on the basis of artificial intelligence ', says Meersmans.

'When I started Take the Lead, disruption was not an unknown concept to me, but I still learned a lot. The conviction also grew that I wanted to address things differently and faster. And that in the coming years new companies will arise that will quickly grow into the major players in their sector. I wanted to be part of that evolution. '